Starting new business  
  • Webpage launch
    We assisted with the development of a new business (a stuffed toy maker) and the help we offered included liaising with an overseas design company and the construction of a website. We also helped to create relevant documents such as a manual and we drew up the customer terms of service.
  • Trip to India
    We accompanied personnel from a software development company on an inspection of an IT company in India (Pune) and we helped employees with the preparation of presentations to be given on that trip.
  • Setting up a subsidiary
    We helped a company establish a subsidiary office in Okinawa. We aided the company in various ways including assisting with the processes involved in setting up a subsidiary, searching for premises and recruiting qualified local staff.
  • Business English  
  • English online conversation lessons (for IT executives)
    We off lessons via Skype to assist with overseas business trips as well as with meetings with overseas vendors. Personalized and customized conversational lessons with follow-up text documents for your records and for better learning. TOEIC 450-610 points UP (lesson period about 5 months or so).
  • Proofreading English presentations
    A service that checks for spellings errors, typos, punctuation and grammatical mistakes. We will always make sure your documents are corrected in clear accurate English.